Trafigura Pte Ltd, Singapore was established in March 1996. Our office is strategically located in the financial hub of Singapore – Raffles Place. As our Asia Pacific headquarters, Singapore office plays a pivotal role in supporting the regional businesses in Asia Pacific and has become one of the key offices for the Group.

Singapore office, which includes our industrial investment Puma Energy and DT Group, occupies 2 floors with 27 meeting rooms and we have our own spacious pantry, shower facilities and lockers. The office space is modern, open and ergonomic to work in, as well as to meet and receive partners and collaborators.

As one of the world’s leading independent physical commodity trading houses, we buy and sell commodities globally. We trade oil and petroleum products, non-ferrous concentrates, refined metals, and bulk commodities such as coal and iron ore. We support our customers by providing services beyond our core business of supplying commodities, including transportation, storage, as well as trade finance and risk management.

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Careers in Singapore

Trafigura in Singapore

Diversity is one of our biggest assets, and we currently have around 20 nationalities in our Singapore office, many of whom have relocated from other Trafigura offices and have a wealth of experience to share with local employees who are joining us. We have a good inclusive pool of local and international talent that leads to a dynamic multi-cultural business environment.

We are committed to provide the right platform to train our people and offer different exciting opportunities to join us through the different programmes such as Apprenticeship Programme, Graduate Programme and International Trader Programme.