Statement from Jeremy Weir, Chief Executive Officer

Trafigura has become one of the world’s leading commodity trading firms by delivering reliable and efficient services to its customers and by making the global supply chain work better. Increasingly integral to that process is our commitment to acting responsibly.

Our late Founder and Executive Chairman, Claude Dauphin, made responsibility a central tenet of his leadership in recent years. As head of a business that operates at scale around the world and that aspires to succeed not just in the short term but over time, he tirelessly promoted the view that we need to understand and manage our impacts on society, the environment and those with whom we work. 

That is the background to the publication of this document, Trafigura’s first standalone Responsibility Report. It details our commitment to responsible and ethical business practices and reports on our progress in ensuring they are implemented across the Trafigura Group. It also expresses our awareness that we have more work to do.

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