Wet and Gas Freight

We charter a range of tanker tonnage to meet our physical delivery requirements for the worldwide transportation of oil and petroleum products.

Our wet freight desks deal in all vessel sizes, from 2,000 to 300,000 deadweight tonnes (DWT) tankers. The vessels trade in every market segment, including crude, clean, dirty, LNG and LPG.

We fix vessels on spot voyage, negotiate Contracts Of Affreightments (COAs) and run a portfolio of time-charter ships with period commitments spanning 30 days to three years. We work closely with Puma Energy, especially in Africa and Latin America, to manage delivery schedules and optimise fleet utilisation. The wet freight desk trades ships around the world fixing both external and internal cargoes, aiming always to maximise the inherent value of the trading platform.

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Shipping & Chartering