Middle Distillates

Our middle distillates trading operation covers jet fuel, diesel and gas oil. Our teams lease storage globally and use tankage to blend products to local specifications and premium-priced fuels. We trade the full range of distillates, from low to high sulphur.

Our well-integrated teams are able to shift trading style and focus in line with changing market conditions. Key to our success is the ability to coordinate activities globally and to interact with other parts of the Group to bring customers integrated solutions. We liaise closely with other trading desks and work alongside our biodiesel traders to deliver blends that meet bespoke criteria.

We spot-charter and time-charter a wide range of tonnage through our Shipping and Chartering desk. In order to achieve greater physical arbitrage, we charter large tankers. Our teams lease floating storage vessels to provide prompt supply for customers with limited storage.

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Oil & Petroleum Products