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Trafigura Investment China (TIC) is one of the fastest growing trading companies in China and is a major regional hub for Trafigura’s operations in Asia. Trafigura China’s head office is located in the International Financial Center of Lujiazui in Shanghai, China.

As one of the world’s leading independent physical commodity trading and logistics houses, we buy and sell commodities globally. Our product coverage in China is comprehensive. We trade non-ferrous concentrates, refined metals, non-ferrous scrap, oil and petroleum products and bulk commodities such as coal and iron ore. With nine offices in China, we support our customers by providing services beyond our core business of supplying commodities, including transportation, warehousing and storage, as well as trade finance and risk management.

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Careers in China

Trafigura in China

TIC maintains a strong understanding of all aspects of China market and is quick and responsive in meeting customer needs, and providing customized solutions. We believe in building strong win win partnerships with our customers and are also very committed to developing local talent. With our international working culture and platform, our local employees are assured of exciting career opportunities.

In TIC, our employees acquire professional knowledge of the commodity industry and can develop careers in commercial and supporting functions including Trading, Traffic Operations, Risk Management, Trade Finance, Finance Operation and Accounting. Successful candidates will grow their professional skills, gain valuable new experience or develop as managers and leaders. Outstanding employees have also have opportunities to further their careers in our international offices.