DT Group

Africa is on the move. This huge continent, home to over a billion people, is the new frontier. Angola is at the forefront and DT Group has a key role.

DT Group is developing markets and helping to lay the foundations of a more diverse economy in Angola. It is investing in infrastructure and technology. It is creating jobs and growing skills. Its education and social projects are broadening horizons and extending opportunities.

DT Group acts as an incubator and investment vehicle for a range of businesses, mostly in Angola. DT Group is a 50:50 joint venture, leveraging the market capabilities and financial strength of Trafigura and the incisive local knowledge and networks of leading Angolan management and investment firm Cochan.

DT Group's flexible business model allows it to seed, incubate and scale up ambitious projects that are transforming the economic landscape in Angola. It is collaborating with international and local partners to grow major businesses in the logistics, trading and natural resources sectors. Its co-owners support its activities with specialist expertise and substantial capital.

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