Wet Freight

We fix vessels on spot voyage, buy contracts of affreightment (COAs) and take ships on time charter, for periods spanning anything from 30 days to five years.We deal in all vessel sizes, from 2,000 to 300,000 tonne DWT tankers. We trade in every market segment, including clean, dirty, LNG and LPG freights.

We conclude approximately 1,600 fixtures annually. At any given time we have a fleet of around 50 tankers on time charter, for anything between one month and five years.

For our traders, tankers are mobile terminals. We charter ships as working assets and aim to minimise idle time, while seeking out the best possible return.

The freight desks interact with trading desks to expand the Trafigura offer. We  work closely with our subsidiary Puma Energy, especially in Africa and Latin America.We also trade externally. We give potential buyers the option to buy their commodities with freight, on CIF (cost, insurance and freight) instead of FOB (free on board) terms.


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Shipping & Chartering