The LPG market is evolving rapidly; we are growing our geographic reach and market share. We trade propane, butane, isobutane and some mixed LPG. Trading volumes will increase further in 2015 when the LPG export terminal at Corpus Christi in Texas becomes fully operational as Trafigura retains commercial rights to its output.

The US is consolidating its position as the world’s biggest LPG exporter. Our traders link major production areas in the US Gulf, the Middle East, Africa, the North Sea and the Mediterranean with demand from Asia, Northwest Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. A strong logistical system supports our trading activities. Effective vessel rotations and higher trading volumes allow us to respond quickly to changes in the market and in our clients’ requirements.

We supply territories where bottled gas is popular and are especially active in West Africa and Latin America. We lease tankage at strategic locations and supply Puma Energy’s LPG terminals throughout the world. We work closely with dedicated LPG chartering specialists and oversee a wide range of tonnage – everything from small pressurised or semi-refrigerated tankers to Panamax Gas Carriers and Very Large Gas Carriers (VLGCs).

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