The gasoline team manages one of the world's largest seaborne gasoline books. We also have extensive, strategically located tankage. It is a combination that allows us to deliver great service and optimal performance.

We source, store, blend and deliver cost-effective gasoline solutions to customers worldwide. Within the gasoline trading team, we have an active market presence in aromatics, primarily as a blending component.

We have built up key relationships in every core trading region of the world, including national oil companies, major refiners, and numerous downstream partners.

The majority of our customers are long-term partners. Many choose to renew and expand their business, based on our solid performance, bespoke customer service and fair pricing.

We operate major blending hubs on the Gulf Coast, in the Mediterranean and in Singapore, and lease tankage globally. We have a considerable ocean-bound charter fleet and are active in the pipeline trade. These assets give us the capacity to respond to our customers with considerable flexibility.

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Oil & Petroleum Products