Refined metals

Trafigura is a world leading participant in the global refined metals market. We trade copper, aluminium, zinc, lead, tin and nickel. We are developing a new line of business in precious metals.

We mainly trade London Metals Exchange (LME)-grade metals in their refined form, such as cast copper rod and aluminium billet.

The refined metals team and the concentrates teams collaborate closely, using a variety of tools to facilitate trading, including structured finance and tolling models.

Unlike many other Western metal traders, we operate in China through a domestic trading subsidiary.Today, around 40 percent of total refined metals demand is within China. Our domestic sales teams sell directly to end users. In India, we also sell to small and medium sized manufacturers on Lykos, our online refined metals procurement platform.

We maintain a global presence offering our trading services in the major hubs.  Our knowledge on the ground allows us to source metals swiftly and cost-effectively worldwide.  Being active globally allows us to match supply with demand efficiently.



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