Trafigura Mining Group

The Mining Group manages mining operations, develops projects, conducts technical audits of existing and potential partner projects and provides advisory and support services to Galena Asset Management, Trafigura's trading desks and trading partners.

Trafigura has been actively involved in mining operations throughout its 20-year history. These activities are now centralised within the Trafigura Mining Group.

Trafigura Mining Group has a three-part strategy. It grows existing operations organically, develops new projects where opportunities arise, and provides technical services to assist the Trafigura Group and its partners.


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Mining operations

The Group's main operations are in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Its flagship mine, Aguas Teñidas (MATSA) in Spain, produces copper, zinc and lead concentrates. The group also operates the Catalina Huanca mine in Peru and is active in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Angola.

Technical services

Its technical team evaluates mining projects ahead of possible acquisitions or prefinancing. Geology, mining, processing and project experts can be deployed anywhere in the world on very short notice.  The team reviewed over 100 projects in 2014.



Trafigura’s Mining Group’s new Magdalena Mine is the first significant metals find in Spain for decades. Magdalena comes on-stream in 2016.

Preparatory work began in earnest after exploratory drilling confirmed this as a site with exceptionally rich deposits. This followed earlier aerial surveys using VTEM (Versatile Time-Domain Electromagnetic) technology which had detected the presence of sulphides underground.