Galena Asset Management

Galena Asset Management has provided specialised alternative investment solutions since 2003, leveraging Trafigura’s leading position and market intelligence to achieve superior, risk-adjusted returns.

The firm operates at the intersection of the financial and physical commodity markets. It combines rigorous, top-down financial analysis with the detailed practical knowledge of physical flows that is only available to those actively involved in the field. Galena acts independently, but derives significant benefits from its relationship with Trafigura.

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Credit strategies

The Galena Commodity Trade Finance Fund generates stable and uncorrelated returns with extremely low volatilities. It has been returning close to 5 percent over London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) to investors annually. The Fund participates in the low-risk segment of global pre-export commodity trade finance transactions alongside banks. It is typically held by institutional investors as part of a larger portfolio of assets to diversify their fixed-income risk.


The Private Equity Resources Fund closed in September 2014 and invests in both the equity and debt of small to medium sized metals and mining companies, particularly those that are in a development or expansion phase. The Fund invests globally in coal mining, base, ferrous and precious metal assets. To ensure that the dedicated investment team works independently from the Trafigura Group, the fund relies on a Limited Partners Advisory Committee (LPAC). The LPAC, currently composed of two family offices, a US university endowment and a European listed insurance company.

The committee is informed regularly on any potential investment and has the ability to vet all investment decisions on transactions involving Trafigura or any related party. Trafigura also has a seat on the committee as a non-voting member.